I Was Growing and I Didnt Even Know It is about a little boy who is not growing as fast as others in his family or at his school. He feels inadequate and sad. However, his grandfather can identify with how he feels because he didnt have his growth spurt until he was much older as well. His grandfather helps him cope.


One day, while visiting his grandfathers home, he gets on an old ten-speed bike. His feet had never been able to reach the pedals of the bike. But this day, they could. He then realizes that he was growing all along, but he wasnt aware of it. Hes so excited and cant wait to take on life, and he finally rides the bike.

This story teaches patience, hope, and growth. It helps children realize that everyone grows at different stages and paces, and they should not compare themselves to others.



I Was Growing and I Didn't Even Know It

  • 9-12

  • 3-4