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Parent Reviews

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Parent Reviews

Carrie on Sep 20, 2018 about The Story of "The Night Blanket"

My daughter loved this class. She really liked the teacher and the story. She asked if we could sign up again because she wanted to hear the story again.

Diana on Sep 4, 2018 about Value Basic Life Skills Ages 7-12

This class was awesome! My son loved learning new life skills with Catina who is a wonderful instructor, very warm, positive and kind. Catina listens to her students and encourages them, she is very patient and gives them positive feedback, making them feel good about themselves. My son thinks she is one of the loveliest teachers on Outschool and is looking forward to more classes with her. Thank you!


Benita L. on Sep 5, 2018 about Dealing With Difficult Emotions the Healthy Way

Dealing with difficult emotions the healthy way, was a great class! It was easy to set up and my son enjoyed the class. The class made him more aware of the difficult emotions that he from time to time deals with. In just two classes I see a difference in his awareness of how he is feeling when he’s feeling them. I would definitely recommend this class to others. 

My almost 9 year old was very engaged with this class. — Nicole G. on Apr 1, 2018 about Emotions, Moods and Attitudes

Catina did a great job teaching this class.  She had things she wanted to cover each week but she was also flexible and gave the kids a chance to talk.  When one wanted to play their musical instrument (a coping technique), she was all for it and let several of the students play their instruments for everyone.   I thought it was great she let them incorporate that.  She was really conscientious about making sure everyone got a chance to participate without pushing the ones too hard who were more shy.   The class reinforced what we try to teach our kids at home about emotions and Catina lead some good discussions.  One of my children has special needs and this instructor was very patient and encouraging with her.  We'll be back for more classes with Catina! — Tammie D. on Mar 30, 2018 about  Emotions, Moods and Attitudes

This was a good intro into the subject of  managing emotions.  My son really enjoyed the casual chatty atmosphere of the class. It made him feel very comfortable.  — Estrella B. on Mar 9, 2018 about  Emotions, Moods and Attitudes

Michele Brooke says:

Hi Catina, I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much Andrew is enjoying your Emotions, Moods and Attitudes' class. He is learning a lot and having fun at the same time. He always looks forward to class time! Thank you for all that you are teaching him and for being such a kind and welcoming instructor! :-) Sincerely, Michele Brooke

Lisa on Jun 23, 2018 about Emotions, Moods and Attitudes

This teacher was very warm and sensitive to the students. I would highly recommend her for someone who needs a kind hearted person to teach them that is encouraging and friendly.

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Catina Harris

KidzScreens Instructor

Catina has been instructing and teaching children for over 20 years.  Right out of law school she took a job with the Memphis Leadership Foundation.  She both mentored and counseled school aged youth in the areas of life skills, truancy prevention, and academic remediation.  She is a licensed attorney as well as a homeschool mother of 3.  Catina believes that children are gifts given to us and should be given our best.  Your child will be in good hands here at KidzScreens.

Contact us if you would like to enroll your child in one of our classes.

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